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Temu - New Product Source Coming to Zopi

As you may know, there are various product sources out there, and AliExpress is one of the biggest. We have been integrating with AliExpress for years. And now we’re adding a new one. It’s called Temu. Let’s find out!

Import Products from Temu

You can import products from Temu in two ways:

Import products by Extension

This is the simplest way. The Zopi Chrome extension will help you import any product straight on Temu. Whenever you hover over the products on the Temu product list, the Add to Import list button will appear. Click on it and the products will be imported to your Import list.

You can also import the products in the Product detail or at the Quick look view.

You can Install the Zopi / Google Chrome Extension via this link:

Import products by Temu URL

The alternative way for you is first to copy the Temu product link of your choosing. Then, go to the Product Center in your Zopi app, and choose Add product by source URL.

Paste the Temu product link to this box and click Add to Import

Fulfill your orders on Temu with Zopi

All the orders on Temu are required to be fulfilled via the Zopi Chrome extension. Once you have an order, head to the Orders menu on the app to start the fulfillment process.

Click on Place order to fulfill the selected order.

Follow the process on Temu to have the order placed properly.

You can learn more about how to fulfill via the Zopi Chrome extension here in this video.

Things to notice when dropshipping with Temu

Temu allows only one Ship-to location per sign-in. If you want to change the shipping location, Temu requires you to sign in again.
Currently, Zopi can only help with fulfilling Temu orders shipped to the United States. If your buyers are not from the US, the app will display the following notice.

Orders on Temu have to be $10 - $30 minimum, depending on your account. You can contact the Temu team to learn more.

Now that you’ve known all of the basics to dropship on Temu. Hopefully, all the processes go smoothly and your business can thrive. All the best from the Zopi team!

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Updated on: 28/02/2024

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