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TikTok Dropshipping: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Fulfillment

In the world of e-commerce, TikTok Shop has become a powerful platform for Shopify sellers to sell their products. Leveraging TikTok as an advertising tool has proven effective for Shopify users, resulting in increased dropshipping sales.

If you’re running a TikTok Shop and encountering challenges with your TikTok orders, you've come to the right place. In this brief post, we'll provide a clearer understanding of TikTok and walk you through configuring shipping for TikTok orders to streamline your fulfillment process using Zopi.

This article contains the following sections:

What to Know About Dropshipping on TikTok
How to Fix Hidden Addresses on TikTok Shop Orders

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What to Know About Dropshipping on TikTok

Selling on TikTok shop is an excellent idea to earn money. However, it’s important to observe TikTok’s terms of service, as violating them could cause your account to be banned from the platform. Read below to learn full details.

1. TikTok Seller Score

TikTok has specific expectations of performance and behavior from sellers using their platform to sell products. These expectations are to ensure a positive shopping environment and experience that shoppers can trust.

Your Seller Score also impacts your visibility and discoverability on the platform. As a business accumulates violation points, it will be more difficult for new viewers and shoppers to see and discover its content.

As such, TikTok will issue violation points to those sellers whose behavior goes against those expectations. If a seller accumulates a total of 48 violation points, TikTok will revoke their ability to sell on the platform.

The following are policies regarding violation points for sellers:

A seller’s accumulated violation points will reset every 180 calendar days beginning from the date TikTok issued selling permission.

Upon accumulating 48 points or more, TikTok will permanently revoke a seller's e-commerce permission.

If TikTok temporarily deactivates a seller's e-commerce permission, then their accumulated violation points will not reset unless the seller successfully appeals against the violation record.

Learn more about TikTok Seller Score violations here.

2. Shipping TikTok Orders

You must ship out TikTok orders within 3 Business Days. If you ship out TikTok orders after 3 business days, your TikTok Seller Score may be impacted.

If an order is not shipped out within 5 business days, then the customer can cancel their order in TikTok using the option “Order was Not Shipped on Time” and receive a refund.

TikTok customers can cancel orders without your approval if your TikTok shipping type is Shipped by Seller and the customer makes the request less than one (1) hour from the time of ordering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you fulfill orders via Shopify, then you'll need to confirm that tracking information has flowed through to TikTok as this information is required.

3. TikTok and Dropship Products

If you do choose to sell dropship products from another dropship supplier, please be aware that TikTok requires orders to be shipped within 3 business days. Failure to meet this shipping time can result in TikTok Seller violations and points against your Seller Score.

How to Fix Hidden Addresses on TikTok Shop Orders

Zopi serves as a bridge between Shopify and suppliers like AliExpress, Temu, or CJ Dropshipping, streamlining order fulfillment. However, Zopi isn’t directly integrated with TikTok yet. So the TikTok order addresses will be masked with asterisks when transferring them to Shopify per TikTok Shop's guidelines. This prevents the process of fulfillment via third-party apps like Zopi.


Nonetheless, you can still fulfill orders using the following method:

I. Update manually the customer’s address for current TikTok orders.

The only solution way is to manually update the customer’s address for each TikTok order in Zopi. Once done, these updated orders are ready for fulfillment.

To start with, determine the number of TikTok orders that have addresses hidden by asterisks. Next, export these customer addresses in bulk for updates. Then, edit the customer address information directly within the Zopi app.


Login to Zopi > Order Center > To Order.

Click on the customer's name in the selected order to edit address information.

Click Save.

For a detailed walkthrough, refer to the video tutorial here!

Repeat these steps for existing orders. Once addresses are corrected, follow the instructions in this guide to fulfill orders seamlessly with Zopi.

II. Fix the issue for future TikTok orders

When you create a new TikTok Shop and haven’t configured your shipping options, your customers will have the choice to select the preferred shipping method. If a customer chooses “Shipped by TikTok,” you won’t have access to your customer’s shipping details.

However, you can apply the new option to future orders by setting the preferred shipping method to 'Seller Shipping' in TikTok Seller Center. More information on 'Seller Shipping' can be found here.


Login to Tiktok Seller Account

Click on Orders > Shipping Options

Select Seller Shipping.

Finally, you’ll also need to set up a shipping template from your TikTok Shop Seller Center. This allows you to define shipping parameters and requirements.


Select Orders in the side menu of your TikTok Seller Center.

Select Shipping Templates.

Select Create New Template on the right side of the page.

Locate the Rate Model section and ensure you’ve selected Product Weight.

Select the Standard Shipping checkbox and enter the Flat Rate shipping cost.

Select Submit.

We hope this helps you gain more knowledge about your matter. Follow the instructions in the article, and you should not experience any further issues.

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Updated on: 05/07/2024

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