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Fulfill Orders Automatically with the Zopi Chrome extension

Zopi can help you place orders efficiently, instead of having to process one by one manually on AliExpress. Once you set up things above properly, it will only take a few clicks to fulfill your orders with the Chrome extension. Explore the guide below to learn more.

Auto Order Fulfillment

Make sure that you’ve signed in to AliExpress and it is linked with Zopi account

Go to Orders > To Order tab > Click on Place Order to fulfill the selected order.

After choosing the shipping method, navigate to the Order via and choose Order via Chrome Extension and Place Order.

Now there will be a new AliExpress tab open and you’ll see the pop up showing that the order is being processed.

Once it is done, you will be redirected to the Checkout of AliExpress.

Next, you can select payment methods to add your card.

You can also recheck the shipping address and shipping method before you Place Order

After the order is paid successfully on AliExpress, it will be updated to Awaiting Shipment status on Zopi.

Zopi will automatically mark the orders as ‘Fulfilled’ on both your Zopi and Shopify store, and will also sync the tracking code to your Shopify store.

In case you want to check and track your orders in Zopi, this guide has more information for you.

Now you understand the fulfillment process, you can follow the steps above to place the order and earn cashback for your store.

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Updated on: 28/02/2024

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