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Place Order Failed - Explained

Zopi consistently strives to simplify the order fulfillment process. However, things do not always turn out how they should be. It is important to know some of the most common errors happening when you place orders on Zopi. Here's a compiled list of the errors that you may encounter and how to resolve them.

Error MessagesReasonsSolutions
Missing customer info / Correct the customer addressSome or all of the required customer information, including phone numbers and fields marked with an asterisk (*), is incorrect or missing due to AliExpress regulationsCorrect the customer information according to requirements for specific countries. See how to do it here
Map product to a supplier linkThe product mapping data is lost; either the supplier's URL link is not available or the variants are missingRemap the product or match the order with updated variants of the current product URL. Check this guide here
SKU unsaleableThe product is out of stock, or the SKU information has been changed by the supplierCheck if the product is in stock on AliExpress. If it does, remap the product or match the order with updated variants of the current product URL. If it's not available, remap a new product URL. Learn how to do so here
Order Line Item Not MappedSome variants are missing because of changes made by the supplierRemap variants due to AliExpress product updates. Check the guide here
Inventory is insufficient or system error occurredThe product is deleted by supplier or the variants are out of stockCheck if the URL link is available on AliExpress, then remap the product or match the order with a new product URL. Refer to this guide here
PRODUCT_NOT_EXISTThe product is unavailable on AliExpressRemap the product or match the order with a new product URL. Check this guide here
Place order error due to the system. Please try again laterThe product is out of stock or no longer available on AliExpressRemap the product or match the order with a new product URL. Check the guide here
Delivery method is not exist. Please a valid methodThe product can't be shipped to your customer's location or the supplier’s warehouse is different from the one you selectedVerify on the AliExpress website if the supplier offers shipping to your customer’s country, then remap the AliExpress link with the variants and select the corresponding warehouse of the supplier
B_DROPSHIPPER_DELIVERY_ADDRESS_CPF_NOT_MATCHIncorrect CPF/CEP NumberDouble-check the CPF/CEP Number to meet the order requirements for due to AliExpress regulations and input the correct number in the Company field
AE-CHECKOUT-CHOICE-ITEM-BLOCK-DUE-TO-TAXSome changes to price or tax at checkoutCheck if the product is under AliExpress purchase restrictions (max. 1pcs/shopper) and if it can be shipped to your address. If it's not, reorder after an hour. Alternatively, change suppliers to proceed with your order immediately in this guide
Order Fail due to Skip/Stop progressDuring order process, close the tab open or click skip/stop order while placing an order via extensionCheck if the order has been created in AliExpress/Temu. If not, re-order this order
Map the corresponding order no. with each variant to continue payingOrder no. for each variant cannot be identified while the order is marked as Awaiting Payment in-appDouble-check the order no. in AliExpress and manually map the corresponding order no. or click 'Auto-map via Extension' for automatic updates
Buyer on blacklistCreating numerous orders without completing payment on AliExpress can result in being blacklistedUpdate the supplier by entering a new product URL, and continue placing orders as normal
Suspicious buyer errorAliExpress suspects fraudulent activity on this accountReconnect your Zopi account to a new AliExpress account. Check the guide here
Invalid API key or access tokenThe API key connected to your CJ Dropshipping account has expiredRe-link Zopi with your CJ Dropshipping account to generate a new API key. Learn how to do it here

IMPORTANT NOTE: If none of the solutions above work for you, please get in touch with our expert for immediate support.

With the order issues resolved, you should now be able to place orders successfully again!

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Updated on: 20/06/2024

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