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Place Order Failed - Explained

Zopi always aims to help you fulfill the orders on AliExpress automatically. However, things do not always turn out how they should be. It is important to know some of the most common errors happening when you place orders on Zopi. Here's a compiled list of the errors and how to resolve them.

Please note that the error messages that you encounter come directly from AliExpress. Therefore, they are sometimes not intuitive for users.

Place Order Failed:

Reason : This occurs due to the customer is missing to re-authenticate AliExpress account before placing the order

Solution : Therefore, please make sure to do all of the following:

- Log-in Aliexpress account
- Navigate to Find Product tab and check Annoucement.
- Re-authenticate Zopi account with AliExpress account

Customer information is invalid

Reason : This happens when some of the required fields of customer information are missing due to AliExpress regulations.

Solution : Please double-check the below-required fields :

- Phone Numbers.
- Country, Province and City fields.

Shipping method is invalid + No shipping method is available to the location.

Reason : This means that the product can't be shipped to your customer location.

Solution : Please recheck the shipping address:

- Verify on the AliExpress website if the supplier offers shipping to your customer’s country.
- If the supplier has many warehouses, merchants can remap the AliExpress link with the variants and rechoose the warehouse.


Reason : This error may occur if the SKU cannot be retrieved or cannot be found from Shopify.

Solution : To resolve this issue, you can try placing the order using the Chrome Extension

Some products are currently out of stock so this order can't be placed or Place order error due to the system. Please try again later.

Reason : The product is currently out of stock or no longer available from the supplier on AliExpress


Remap the product with the AliExpress link.

Match the order with another product URL or use Auto find supplier to assist you in finding another supplier on AliExpress.

Inventory Error

Reason : This error happens when certain variants of the product are no longer available on AliExpress.

Solution : In this case, merchants can recheck the AliExpress link and substitute it with the alternative product URL.

Buyer on blacklist

Reason : This error is uncommon and may occur when merchants create numerous orders on AliExpress without paying for them, resulting in AliExpress blacklisting them.

Solution :

Merchants can reach out to AliExpress support here to have their account reviewed and attempt to place the orders manually on AliExpress page

Create a new AliExpress account, link it with your Zopi account, and proceed to place orders as usual.

If none of the solutions above work for you, you can try placing the order using the Chrome extension. Please refer to the article below to learn how to place the order with the extension

Now that the order issues have been resolved, we hope you can successfully place orders again!

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Updated on: 05/02/2024

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