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Change a customer's shipping address before fulfilling the order

Some cases, after receiving an order in your Shopify store, the customer might contact you because they need to ship the order to a different address. That means you have to change the address before you fulfill order.

There are two methods that you can utilize to change the addresses on the orders:

On the Shopify admin
On the Zopi app

On the Shopify admin

 Kindly follow the steps below to change the new shipping address:

From your Shopify admin > Orders.

Click the order that you want to edit.

Click on the Three-dot icon and choose Edit shipping address.

Change the shipping address and click on Save.

On the Zopi app

You can edit the Customer's address information straight on the Zopi app.

Login to Zopi > Order Center > To Order tab.

Click the selected order you want to edit.

Click Edit customer info to start changing/correcting the information.

Click Save.

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Updated on: 30/06/2024

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