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Earn Cashback with Admitad

Are you interested in earning cashback from Admitad? Leveraging the cashback program on Zopi couldn't be simpler. We have compiled a comprehensive guide here to help you set everything up.

This article contains the following topics:

What is Cashback?
How to set up your Admitad cashback account
Accessing the Cashback Setting in Zopi

So, let's begin!

What is Cashback?

Cashback is a program that gives you money back on almost every purchase you make in your regular daily shopping.

Cash-back shopping allows consumers to save money on nearly everything they buy online, regardless of whether a particular store is holding a sale. The savings come from cash-back portals, which have affiliate relationships with all of the stores listed on their sites.

How to set up your Admitad cashback account

Step 1: Create a new account on Admitad.

Go to

Click the FIND BRAND PARTNERS button on the page.

A page to create your account will open. All you need to do is fill in every blank field to complete the registration information and accept the terms. Or you can choose to sign up using the social media accounts listed.

Click Sign up and Admitad will send you a confirmation email.

You go to your email box and open the email named "Confirm your sign-up with Mitgo ID".

Click the Confirm email button to redirect to the Admitad sign-up page.

Click Publisher and fill out the First name, Last name fields and your Username will generate automatically. Check the boxes and click Sign up. Then, you will need to select the program to join.

Step 2: Set up an affiliated program in your Admitad account

Select the country to where you will sell (you can select multiple countries), select Online Stores as a Category then click Next.

You will then be required to choose where you want to earn money. Select Website and click Next.

Specify your choice below. Select Dropshipping and click on Next

On the following page, add your store details. Enter the Website name and the complete URL of your store, then choose Other in the drop-down menu and click Ready.

After you finish setting everything up, you will be redirected to the Admitad main page. Find the AliExpress WW programs and click Apply for moderation.

Click Accept.

You will then need to wait a couple of days for your account to be activated by Admitad. (Note: your submission may be rejected for various reasons, such as low traffic in your store. Try to improve your sales and apply again if that is the case)

Once your account is approved, at the top navigation menu, under Programs and select My programs, find AliExpress program WW and get the Affiliate link.

Accessing the Cashback Setting in Zopi

Cashback is an officially exclusive add-on featured in the Integration tab, starting February 29, 2024. It costs $9.9 per month and is available for Free and Basic plans. If you’re on the Advanced & Premium plans, this integration is automatically included.

To activate Cashback settings, follow one of the two methods outlined below:

From the Integration in the Menu Bar

Login to Zopi and navigate to the Integration section.
Once you’re on the Integration page, select the Cashback Setting option.
Click on Enable.

From the Account in the Settings & Billing

Go to the Settings & Billing.
Navigate to the Cashback settings tab and click the pen symbol.

Fill in the Affiliate link and your account email in Zopi

Login to Admitad > Programs > My programs.
Find AliExpress WW programs and click Joined.
In the Pop-up, copy the affiliate link from the Copy link field.
Go back to Zopi > Settings & Billing > Cashback settings
Paste the affiliate link at the Affiliate link box and input the email of your Admitad account in the Admitad account name box.

QUICK TIP: You can find the email of your Admitad account in Admitad > Settings > General.


With these steps completed, you will now start to get cashback for almost every order you place to AliExpress using Zopi!


Some products are not supported by the Affiliate program. Please double-check with the Admitad team here to know if the product is supported.
Make sure to disable all extensions when you are making payment on AliExpress, some extensions may be hijacking your traffic and earnings.
After you place orders and make payments, please wait a moment for the clicks and earnings to be generated. The actions are not immediate effect.
The cashback will be expired in 3 days. Therefore, please make the payment on AliExpress within this period.

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Updated on: 16/04/2024

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