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Create Engaging Content Faster with AI Writing

Are you a dropshipping store owner spending countless hours searching for the perfect words to craft compelling product descriptions? Look no further! Introducing the new feature on Zopi: AI writing - a game-changer for your content creation journey. Now let's dive into the world of AI writing and unlock its potential for your dropshipping business.

This article will cover:

Understanding the AI Writing
Accessing the AI Writing
How to utilize the AI Writing

Sounds good? Let's jump in!

Understanding the AI Writing

Our AI writing tool enables you to effortlessly create SEO-optimized content within seconds. Craft product descriptions that emphasize benefits, features, and unique selling points, enhancing search engine visibility and driving sales with a single click. Plus, it frees up your valuable time for critical business tasks.

Accessing the AI Writing

AI Writing is an exclusive add-on featured in the Integration tab. It costs $3.9 per month and is available for Free and Starter plans. If you’re on the Basic plan or higher plans, this integration is automatically included.

To get the AI Writing tool, follow one of the two approaches described below:

Method 1: From the Integration in the Menu Bar

Login to Zopi and navigate to the Integration section.
Select the AI Writing option.
Click on Enable.

Method 2: From the Product Editor in the Product Center

Go to the Product Center.
Click on the product name or tap the pen symbol in the actions area.
A window will appear, click on AI Writing
Choose your most appropriate app plan and click on Confirm.

How to utilize the AI Writing

There are 2 ways to make use of this fascinating feature:

Mode 1: From the Product Center

Hover on the Product Card of a product and click on Apply AI.

In the Pop-up, click Save.

Mode 2: From the Content tab in Product Editor

Start by choosing one of the following options:

If you want to apply AI to current content, check the Title & Description and SEO content boxes, select the language, tone of voice, style and even special instruction (optional), and then click on Generate.

If you prefer to reference another product’s link from external content sources, simply add the product URL from AliExpress or Temu, and then click on Generate.

In conclusion, AI Writing is your secret weapon for creating compelling content that drives results. Leveraging this tool can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity in content creation, ultimately boosting engagement and driving conversions. And you can take your dropshipping business to the next level speeding up the whole process.

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Updated on: 08/05/2024

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