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One-Click Import Products to your Zopi

Tired of having to import and push the products manually to your Shopify store every single time? No more worries, with Zopi, importing products into your Shopify store is a breeze and can be done quickly.

Zopi offers two convenient options for importing your products.

Import by the Zopi app

Open Zopi webapp, then go to Find Products tab

Search for the items you want, using keywords or pasting the AliExpress URL in the search box.

Hover to the item, and click on the Add to Import List

Or you can click on “View Detail” to view the Product Detail page. While this might seem more complex than the method above, you can have an overview insight into the item, e.g. supplier rating, product description, etc.

Another possibility to import is by source URL. Just copy the AliExpress/Temu product link of your choosing, then paste it to this box and click Add to Import.

Import by Google Chrome Extension

Make sure that you have already installed the Zopi extension from Google Chrome

Go to, then choose your needed products and click the purple icon to import them straight into Zopi.

After the product is imported successfully, you will receive a notification.

Your products will be moved to the Imported Products section in the Product Center.

Well done! You are now halfway through the process. Once you've done the edit, click Save, then click on Push to store.

Note: The product will become visible to all your customers if you directly publish it to your online store. If you only push as Unpublished Products, it will appear in the backend of your store where you can edit or manage it before making it visible to all your customers. Learn more here.

Hope this article helps you determine how you can use Zopi as one of the best companion for your dropshipping business. You may also want to read:

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Updated on: 29/02/2024

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