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Customize Product Details

After you import a new product to the Imported products in Product Center, you can use the Product Editor feature to edit the product details. Check how to use it in the following content.

How to customize your product details


Login to Zopi > Product Center.
Click on the product name or tap the pen symbol in the actions area. This will open a window where you can access several tabs to edit the product details.

1.1. Content tab

Click on AI Writing to modify the product title and description that will appear on the product page of your store.
Add new pictures to the description
Under Product organization: Set Collection, Type, and Tags for your store-based products.

* On Shopify, there are two types of collections - Manual and Automated. Zopi currently synchronizes both types.
* Zopi does not synchronize Shopify Tags and Types you can create them manually here.

1.2. Image tab

Check or uncheck the boxes on the images to determine the pictures that will appear in the Media of your product details page.
Click and drag to replace the standard thumbnail with images of your choosing.
Click Add images to upload images from your computer.
Click AI image finder and check the boxes on the desired pictures to add the library.
Click the Three-dot icon > Optimize settings to reduce image size (convert to WebP) and add your logo for branding individual or in bulk.

1.3. Supplier’s variants tab

Deselect variants that you do not want to sell and see how much inventory the supplier has for each variant.
Click Bulk action to take a variant from a certain product or manually set the product price.
Tick or untick the boxes within the compare at price section, which shows up on your store’s product page.
Click Add Supplier Variant to add more variants from a supplier that you split.
Check the shipping cost corresponding to your shipping destination.

Now you can push well-customized products to your store, and go to the Listed products section to check product details.

After a product is published to your Shopify store, you can simply view, edit, and delete the mapped products directly from the Zopi app.

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Updated on: 08/05/2024

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