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Admitad account FAQs

For Admitad account users, especially those who are beginners, you might encounter difficulties with account registration and usage. Here’s a compilation of Q&A to assist you with any issues.

Q1: I already have an Admitad account I was using with XXX, do I need to create a new one?

A: The answer is yes, you’ll need to create a completely new Admitad account using this link:
A new account is required because Zopi uses a different technology.

Q2: How to know if a product is in the cashback program?

A: If the product purchase does not generate any earnings, then this might be a product without cashback. There is currently no methods to check whether the product has a cashback program is not.

Q3: Why I don't see any clicks or cashback data on my account?

A: If you do not see the cashback data on your account, please contact the Admitad customer service team for better assistance.

Q4: Why was my Admitad account suspended?

A: Make sure you are using an Admitad account created with the link above. If the account was not created via Zopi’ referral link, or if you entered a wrong code or account name, the account will be suspended due to the failure of verification.

Q5: What can cause the following issue: "I get Clicks, but I don't get cashback money?"

A: This might be the result of different issue

Your traffic was hijacked, please try to deactivate all your browser extensions, clear your cookies and then process bulk order and make payment
The product is not supported by AliExpress cashback program.

Q6: If I place 2 different orders with the same product, do I get the same return?

A: In theory , yes, you should get the same return. But there is still a chance of unexpected changes.

Q7: How can I be sure my Admitad is really working?

A: If you can see any of the data shown on Dashboard on Admitad, then Zopi has successfully connected your order and Admitad. If there is no earning data shown, please try to deactivate all your browser extensions, clear your cookies and then process bulk order and make payment.

For any further concerns or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Live chat window on the right screen or email us via

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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