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Supercharge Your Earnings Using Automated Market Tracking

Whether you’re new to dropshipping or you’ve been doing it for a while now, the tool we’re about to drop in this article is definitely worth your time. Say hello to Market Tracking, the latest addition to Zopi, designed to increase your chances of running a profitable dropshipping business.

Today, you'll learn:

Understanding the Market Tracking
Accessing the Market Tracking
Utilizing Market Tracking

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Understanding the Market Tracking

Market Tracking provides timely suggestions for automated competitor and supplier pricing to enhance your pricing decisions. By identifying and tracking key trends using real-time market data, you’ll be better equipped to optimize pricing, sourcing, and inventory management

Accessing the Market Tracking

Market Tracking is an exclusive add-on available in the Integration tab. Priced at $4.9 per month, it's available for Starter and Basic plans. For Advanced and Premium subscribers, this integration is already included in your package.

To enable Market Tracking, follow one of the two methods outlined below:

From the Integration in the Menu Bar

Login to Zopi and navigate to the Integration section.
Select the Market Tracking option.
Click on Enable.

From the Product setting in the Product Center

Go to the Product Center and click on the Product setting.
Under the Tracking & Update tab, select "Unlock advance tracking" in Auto find better supplier & Auto track competitor price
Choose your most appropriate app plan and click on Confirm.

Utilizing Market Tracking

Navigate to the Tracking & Update tab in the Product settings to leverage Market Tracking:

Check the Auto find better supplier & Auto track competitors' price boxes.
Add the conditions based on your criteria.
The system will suggest better suppliers and display the results on the Products page.

Dropshipping may sound easy but like any other business, it requires just the same amount of effort and making the right decisions to succeed. Harness the power of Market Tracking to gain valuable insights into pricing strategies and boost your profits. Wishing you the best on your dropshipping adventure!

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Updated on: 22/04/2024

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