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Track Your Orders with Ease

We have some exciting news to share with you! Zopi has launched a new Tracking center that enables you to track their orders throughout the fulfillment process. This article will guide you through:

What is Tracking center?
Understanding tracking statuses
How to track your orders
Steps to Add Tracking Numbers in Zopi

Let’s jump right into the details!

What is Tracking center?

Tracking Center - a minimalistic tab that provides you with the convenience of tracking their orders in real time, without switching back to AliExpress. Here’s how it looks like:

Understanding tracking statuses

Once an order has a tracking code, it will be automatically updated in the Order Center. Afterwards, we will synchronize orders with tracking codes to the Tracking Center.

Here are the different package statuses on the Tracking center. Read below to understand the meaning of each status.

WaitingThe carrier has received the shipment details and is about to pick up the package
IntransitThe package has been accepted and is on its way to its final destination
PickupThe package has arrived at the nearest courier facility and is available for pickup
DeliveredThe package has been delivered successfully
ExpiredThe package has been in transit for a long time and not yet delivered or didn’t return the tracking info
FailThe carrier attempted to deliver the package but failed for some reason

How to track your orders

In your Zopi dashboard, go to the Tracking center page.
Check order tracking details by accessing the tracking status tab or using the search bar to search by specific criteria.
Click on the number next to "Tracking No." to view activity log

Steps to Add Tracking Numbers in Zopi

Situation 1: Manually Input Tracking Numbers:

Navigate to the Tracking Center page and locate the Add Tracking No. button.
In the Pop-up, enter the tracking numbers you want to check.
Click on Track now.

Situation 2: Bulk Import Tracking Numbers by CSV File

Access the Tracking Center page and click the Add Tracking No. button.
Download the template ensuring it includes fields for Tracking Number, Platform Number, Source Number, Customer Name, Email, and Phone Number.
Upload the completed CSV file by clicking on Add File within the pop-up window.
Click on Track now

* The Tracking Center feature in Zopi is available for users on the Starter plan or higher. For more details, visit our plans and pricing or access the Zopi app and go to the Settings & Billing section.
* For users on the Advanced plan or higher, the tracking number will automatically be synced from Order Center to Tracking Center once it is generated.
* For our valued Legacy Users who purchased our app plan before February 28, 2024, rest assured that quota and plan will remain unaffected.

Our goal is bringing more benefits to elevate your dropshipping business and enhance your experience with the app. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve Zopi!

If you have any further concerns or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Live chat window on the right screen or email us via

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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