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Zopi's Pricing Changes: What You Need to Know

We are announcing changes to our commercial pricing for Zopi, starting February 2024. This update is designed to suit your needs and preferences and enhance your experience with our app. Keep reading to learn more!

What’s Changed?

The new pricing introduces new ways for quota counting. Some of our features have been redefined to match the value we deliver. These include:

Product's order history: formerly known as the order trend in the product detail of the Find Product menu.
A.I product description writing: supports generating product descriptions based on AI.
A.I product image finder: previously called Auto find image.
Bulk image formatting: optimizes image by adding store logo and converting image to WebP.
Product source optimizer: originally known as the Auto find better supplier.
Smart competitive pricing: previously called the Track competitor price.

A closer look at Zopi’s new plans

We’ve now categorized into two choices: Yearly and Monthly. You can select from four plans available, all of which offer the same benefits. Here are the detail of each of the plan components:


Zopi Free Plan is automatically activated should you choose it after the installation. This is a free-for-lifetime package if you do not upgrade to a paid plan.

Here is what you get:

10 monthly products limit
5 monthly orders processed
Automated Pricing Rule: Basic rules based on cost (fixed, percentage increase)

Free plan also includes:

Product's price history
Trending product collections

STARTER ($9.9/month)

For $9.9, the Starter plan includes the following highlighted features:

30 product imported & mapped to supplier
15 price and stock tracking
50 monthly orders processed

All Free plan features, plus

Product’s order history
Bulk product editing & listing

BASIC ($19.9/month)

For $19.9, the Basic plan includes the following highlighted features:

150 product imported & mapped to supplier
75 price and stock tracking
100 monthly orders processed

All Starter plan features, plus:

A.I product description writing
A.I product image finder
Bulk image formatting (compress, add store logo)

ADVANCED ($49.9/month)

For $49.9, the Advanced plan includes the following highlighted features:

500 product imported & mapped to supplier
250 price and stock tracking
Unlimited monthly orders processed

All Basic plan features, plus:

Auto-set prices based on conditions
Product source optimizer
Bulk placing orders
Cashback support

PREMIUM ($199.9/month)

For $199.9, the Premium plan includes the following highlighted features:

50,000 product imported & mapped to supplier
3,000 price and stock tracking
Unlimited monthly orders processed

All Advanced plan features, plus:

Smart competitive pricing
24/7 live chat support
Dedicated onboarding specialist
On-demand direct support via phone call/ remote desktop


Advanced product finder (image search & auto find supplier)
Manage favorite supplier
Find product's similar suppliers
Edit supplier (re-map & replace)
Auto-set prices based on cost
Split/ add product's variants
Product editor
Sales analytics

Migration plan for current users

The new pricing plan will apply for new users who install the app on or after February 2024.

With current paid users, quota and plan will not be affected and stay unchanged until users decide to change the plan (or cancel the plan). The paid plan users will have aggregate quotas for Product imported & mapped to supplier after the release. Removing products that have been previously imported or pushed will not affect the current quotas.

With Free plan, users will migrate to the new version Free plan.

We are confident that our new pricing options will provide you with greater flexibility and value. Hopefully, you will love our new plan and see the difference it makes for your business.

Choose the one that works best for you and enjoy dropshipping!

For any further concerns or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Live chat window on the right screen or email us via

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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