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Gather Handpicked Product Ideas from Expert's Choice

Wondering what product to sell in dropshipping? Introducing Expert’s Choice, our latest feature designed to revolutionize your product selection process. It’s a thoughtfully curated list of product ideas, backed by expert analysis and tailored to align with market trends. This guide will provide you with a detailed breakdown of how to leverage this feature effectively.

In it, you'll discover:

What is Expert's Choice?
Accessing Expert's Choice
Utilizing Expert's Choice like a Pro
Trying Expert's Choice Today

Let’s get right to it!

What is Expert's Choice?

Expert’s Choice is your gateway to thoroughly explore amazing product ideas, providing a comprehensive view of each product’s standing in the market. It offers:

A curated list of 5 top products updated daily to reflect the latest market trends.
Intuitive swipe navigation for effortless browsing and idea discovery.
An overview section outlining why each product is a potential winner, with key details like catchy titles and attractive prices.
Detailed product insights including market demand, popularity metrics, and SEO potential.

Accessing Expert's Choice

Accessing Expert’s Choice is straightforward. Follow these steps to activate this game-changing feature:

Login to Zopi .

Go to Find product page > Find the 'Expert's choice' banner and click on it.

Alternatively, select the Manage access button located on the 'Catch up with limited new ideas everyday' banner on the Home page.

On the Expert’s Choice interface, toggle between swipe view and grid view to browse the collection.

Keep in mind that you’ll only have access to 5 product detail views today. The limit will reset after the countdown ends. To unlock more, consider paying a small extra fee. It’s just $0.99 for 5 additional views or $1.98 for 10 views.

* The package is a one-time charge without any refunds or recurring payments.
* If you’ve unsubscribed, your quotas remain intact but cannot be used until you re-subscribe.

Utilizing Expert's Choice like a Pro

Once you’ve found a promising product, delve into its details to understand why it made the Expert’s Choice list. In the Product Detail, we will provide you with valuable insights and reasons behind the selection:

Product information: this gives a quick and clear picture of the product. It includes a catchy title, an attractive price, and a concise summary that highlights the main selling points.

PRO TIP: If the product information suits your taste, you can copy the content and download the media library for hassle-free store uploads.

Market insight: this will provide you with a more comprehensive overview of the sellers as well as their distribution through Top Countries, Top Sellers, and Saturation Points.

Demand and Popularity: this will give you a more detailed view of the order volume and the locations where they originated around the world.

Keyword-related and Matched Ads: this will help you identify the SEO potential as well as serve as a reference for campaigns you might apply to this product.

Now click Find Supplier, and it will promptly show results from various sources based on product research. Then, you can add a product to your store in just a few clicks, learn with this guide.

To get the full picture, take a look at the video:

Trying Expert's Choice Today

Starting and growing a business is, at best, difficult. As you embark on your business journey, Expert’s Choice is here to help. Explore our curated list for inspiration and confidence in your dropshipping venture!

Just keep in mind that more research is needed once you decide on a product to sell. If you’d like to check out other best practices to look for dropshipping ideas, we have a short guide on just that here: 4 Strategies to Unlock Best Product Ideas for Dropshipping Success

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Updated on: 29/06/2024

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