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Look for Potential Dropshipping Products

It is always a good idea to do thorough research before starting a new business. Let's talk about three ways to source products to import:

Discover Expert’s Choice feature
Utilize the Find Product page
Go to the supplier platforms

Discover the Expert’s Choice feature

Expert's Choice is the perfect tool to discover high-potential ideas daily, without unnecessary complexity. Imagine it as your daily spark - a blend of product inspiration and strategic insights. Delve into selling points, profit forecasts, and market dynamics, gaining a holistic understanding of each product’s market viability.

To understand how to use Expert's Choice like a Pro, watch the tutorial video here!

Utilize the Find Product page

Zopi facilitates your search for a wide range of products from multiple suppliers. Each supplier undergoes a thorough vetting process before being added to the Find Product tab.

On Find Product tab, you can do your product research with Keyword/Category/URL of the required products:

The Find Product tab offers a convenient product research feature through the use of the Find Product's image tool. This tool allows you to perform an image search with two options:

Adding an image from your folder
Inputting the image's link.

The search results exclusively display dropshipping products that can be seamlessly integrated into your store.

Kindly take note that supported image types include .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .heic, .heif, .bmp, and .webp

Go to the supplier platforms

You can go to the supplier website like Temu/ CJ Dropshipping to see which kinds of products have had sales and which haven’t. Explore banners and product activity sections on their homepages for inspiration. Consider factors like order volume, star ratings, and reviews to evaluate product viability.

Currently, you can easily import products from your supplier directly or by using the in-app feature. For more details about how to import products, please kindly help me refer to this article.

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Updated on: 29/06/2024

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