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Install & use the Zopi Chrome extension

The Zopi Chrome extension is a free automation tool compatible with the Zopi app. By installing it, you can maximize the benefits of Zopi for your dropshipping business.

How to install the Zopi Chrome extension


Go to Chrome, and open Chrome Web Store.

Search Zopi in the Search Box and click Zopi: AliExpress Product Importer or just click this link: to reach the Zopi extension page.

Click Add to Chrome in the same line of the Zopi extension name.

In the Pop-up, click Add extension.

You can click the Pin icon to make sure the extension always shows up in the Extensions bar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zopi Chrome Extension works only on the Google Chrome browser and computer. It doesn’t work on a tablet or mobile phone.

How to use the Zopi Chrome extension

Once installed, you can learn how to use the extension below.

One-Click Import productsYou can import products when browsing the AliExpress/Temu websiteIt helps you quickly import AliExpress/Temu products to the Zopi Imported List with one click on the AliExpress/Temu product page
Place orders to AliExpress/TemuYou can reselect the desired shipping method before paying for your orderIt allows you to choose the shipping method of your choice on their site and also connect your order with Zopi
Auto-map via ExtensionWhen your order contains multiple line items, the order number for each variant cannot be identified while the order is marked as 'Awaiting Payment' in-appIt enables you to map the corresponding order no. with each variant to continue paying

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Updated on: 30/06/2024

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