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Learn How To Update Supplier

Zopi is back with an exciting new update that promises significant advantages for your dropshipping journey. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll gain:

What is Update supplier?
Why Is Update Supplier Important?
How to Update Supplier

What is Update supplier?

Update Supplier is a new feature on Zopi that allows you to change the supplier of your mapped products or remap them with new variants. You can use this feature to find better suppliers for your products on AliExpress. You can link each product and variant from your online store to a corresponding product and variant from a supplier.

Why Is Update Supplier Important?

Update Supplier helps you optimize your dropshipping business by choosing the best suppliers for your products. You can link each variant of your product to a specific variant of your supplier, ensuring that your supplier will deliver exactly what your customers ordered.

How to Update Supplier

Go to Zopi > Product Center > Listed products (Mapped).
Choose Update supplier on the product card.

Remap variant with a current supplier

Access the Remap variant with current supplier tab and select Variant Group or Per Variant.

Change to a new supplier

In case you want to choose another supplier, kindly Click on Change to new supplier and paste the URL of your product in the search field. The product will be completely replaced by the new one.

Or you could also use the Find similar suppliers feature, this will help you to view all the AliExpress suppliers that provide this item.

In this new version, you can choose to keep or replace the current variants, content, and images of your product with the new supplier's ones.

Click on Update on Store

NOTE: The Update Supplier button inside the Edit Product feature is only for replacing the supplier

We hope that you will enjoy the Update Supplier feature and find it helpful for your dropshipping business.

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Updated on: 29/06/2024

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