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The New Product Center - Dec 2023

Zopi is back with yet another update that greatly benefits your dropshipping journey. Let’s explore!

What’s New?

Product Center

AI Editor

Update Supplier

Product Center

A new and centralized hub designed to manage product journeys automatically Product Center is here. No more unnecessary steps exist to manage your products after importing by switching two more tabs while the new update has been integrated into the Product Center where you can organize products effectively. Learn more about our grand updates here

AI Editor

We bring you a better and more convenient version of Editor which you can easily adjust product information with the streamlined interface as Shopify even when the product is pushed. Especially, applying AI Editor to optimize your content SEO content and adding your branding logo and increased page speed is at your fingertips for branding. Visit this article for more details.

Update Supplier

We know one of the most difficult to manage dropshipping products is to handle the process after the source link is no longer available. With the newest version, updating product information from supplier links to product content can be done in some simple clicks. The possibilities are endless. Learn more here.

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Updated on: 06/02/2024

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