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How do I get started with Zopi?

Zopi (formerly Ali Orders) offers you an automated dropshipping solution with its standard and advanced features. To optimize and enhance your dropshipping business, you need to follow the steps below to walk through the process.

How to dropship with Zopi

1. Install Zopi app

You can install Zopi from your Shopify store. Upon successful installation, it will automatically create a Zopi account.

2. Choose your most appropriate app plan

You need to select a plan to decide which features and services you can access. Find out how our pricing fits your needs here.

3. Connect your supplier account

You have to connect an AliExpress account to use Zopi normally. Learn more here.

Why should I choose Zopi?

Easy product research: You can browse and filter millions of products from AliExpress and Temu based on the price, number of products sold, and ratings, among other criterias. You can even compare suppliers based on delivery time and shipping cost.

Multi-platform and Multi-store management: With a single Zopi account, you can effectively manage multiple online stores on Shopify and WooCommerce platforms, leading to reduced management costs.

Streamlined your dropshipping workflow by effortlessly importing products to Shopify and fulfilling large orders automatically with some simple clicks. Select the items you want to sell, and Zopi will take care of everything, from receiving and placing to tracking customer orders.

24/7 support: Zopi has a dedicated and responsive customer support team that is available 24/7 by live chat and email to assist you immediately with any issues or questions. Our service team is also praised by many users for their valuable tips and solutions.

For any further concerns or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Live chat window on the right screen or email us via

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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