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Place Orders Manually on CJ Dropshipping

In specific scenarios, if you need to place orders manually on CJ Dropshipping, Zopi offers a solution: you can then input the CJ Order Number and update the order status on Zopi directly.

In this guide, you'll learn:

How to order manually and pay on the CJ Dropshipping site
How to get the CJ Dropshipping Order Number
How to update the Order Status on Zopi

Let's go!

How to order manually and pay on the CJ Dropshipping site


Go to CJ and log into your CJ Dropshipping account.

Head over to Store Orders > Imported > Orders > Click Create orders icon on the top right.

Select products in SKU List/All Products, then click Add > Next.

Fill in the shipping information and click Confirm.

1. If the selected products on the different warehouses (eg. China warehouse and US warehouse), then the system will divide them.
* Also, if you enter the shipping information for New Order 1, you can click the duplicate icon (Beside New Order 2) to copy it for New Order 2.
2. For orders shipping to EU countries, you need to set up IOSS option. For more about IOSS, please refer to this article.

Now the order has been created. You just need to add it to the cart and finish the payment.

Navigate to Store Orders > Imported > Orders > Select the orders > Add to Orders Picking.

Enter the Orders Picking > Select the orders > Click Submit.

On the Order Confirmation page, click Submit once more.

Select the payment method and click Pay.

If you cancel the payment halfway or go back to the previous pages during the process, you can find the orders in Orders > Store Orders > All/Awaiting Payment to pay. Please pay attention to the time for Inventory Reserved. It means that we will reserve the inventory for you for 24 hours after you cancel the payment.

How to get the CJ Dropshipping Order Number

Upon placing your order, the CJ Dropshipping system instantly generates an Order Number that begins with ‘SD’. Follow the simple directions for seeking the order number:

Navigate to My CJ > Dropshipping Center > Dropshipping Orders > All and find the order you want to check.

The source no. corresponds to the CJ Order Number.

Click Copy.

How to update the Order Status on Zopi


Go to Zopi > Order Center > To Orders tab.

Click on the selected orders.

On the order details page, tap the pen icon to add the CJ Order No.

Paste the CJ Order No. copied.

Your order is almost ready to ship and the order status on Zopi will switch to Awaiting Shipment.

The Tracking code will be synced to Zopi for 24 hours. If it doesn't update and move to the Fulfilled tab for a long time, kindly click the Sync order status button in the Order center to promptly update it for your orders.

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Updated on: 14/05/2024

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